Landscapes around Camporeale – TP

The country has an economy based on agriculture, woodworking (Valuable some good quality wood crafts) and today, with its 1112 hectares of vineyards surveyed by ISTAT in 1990, Camporeale is still one of the municipalities the most affected of the province, a sign of a significant recovery in oenological activity (to be noted the presence of the famous wine industry “Tenute Rapitalà”, “Valdibella”, “Alessandro di Camporeale”). Very little, on the other hand, the presence of other tree crops (citrus fruits, various fruit trees), while on 2714 hectares of arable land almost 2000 are only wheat. Not to be underestimated the olive groves (for the production of oil), thanks to the climate and the soil, offer us a delicate but at the same time decided product. The fairly large livestock collection includes 4760 sheep and 424 cattle.

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