Unimaginable Favignana, Aegadian islands in the Province of Trapani

Favignana is a comune including three islands (Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo) of the Aegadian Islands, southern Italy. It is situated approximately 18 kilometres (11 miles) west of the coast of Sicily, between Trapani and Marsala, the coastal area where the Stagnone Lagoon and the international airport of Trapani, are sited.

The main town, Favignana, has a small port and is dominated by the Fort of Santa Caterina, originally built by the Arabs as a watchtower, subsequently enlarged by the Normans and later used as a prison by the Bourbon Kings. With its two piazzas, its pedestrianised streets and its lovely sandy beach, Favignana Town has an easy, unpretentious charm and a relaxing atmosphere.

Favignana Town is also home to two buildings that give us an insight into the island’s history. The first, Palazzo Florio, is a grand mansion overlooking the harbour built by Ignazio Florio, once one of Italy’s richest and most powerful industrialists. Ignazio Florio didn’t just build and invest in Favignana, however, he actually purchased the whole island in 1874, along with all commercial fishing rights.

Favignana is one of the few islands in the Mediterranean where it is possible to access land from most of its coasts, which develop about 33 linear kilometers of bays, coves and sandy or pebble beaches, as well as sometimes comfortable and flat rocks. A feature, this, that leaves the visitor the possibility to find a sea tranquility elsewhere unimaginable.

Commune di Favignana

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